In-store appointment scheduling tool

An online booking page for all your point of sale appointments

Incite your customers to book an appointment in store by sharing your Vyte page

Créer ma page Vyte

Set your appointments managements and availabilities

Define your point of sales appointment address

Customize your Vyte page by setting your store address as an automatic meeting place

Set your store's opening hours

Define the opening hours for each day of the week - Let your customers book an appointment according to your availability

Synchronize your sales team's calendars

Need to greet multiple customers at the same time? Create a sales team with Vyte and connect their calendars

Let your customers book an appointment in store

Share your Vyte page

By sharing the link of your Vyte page with your customers, they will be able to book an appointment in your store easily according to your opening hours and the availability of your sales team. Vyte will also allow you to set up Click&Collect in your store.

In-store appointment scheduling integrated with your website

Integrate your Vyte page anywhere in your website with a simple code, your customers will be able to book a point of sale appointment directly online from your website.

Get notifications

You can confirm the appointment automatically or manually with a single click. You and your clients will receive notifications about the appointment.

Our Pro features for your point of sale appointments

Vyte Feature - Availabilities

Advanced and automated scheduling

By default, Vyte will ask for the email address and the name of the customer trying to make an appointment in your store but you can ask for additional information (phone number, company name ...)
Vyte Feature - Control

Mise en avant de votre marque

Customize your page by adding your company logo and a background image. You will also be able to customize the appearance of the notifications sent by Vyte to you and your customers.
Vyte Feature - Timezone

Création d'équipe en quelques clics

Set up Vyte for your store and your entire sales team to manage your in-store purchase and pick-up appointments efficiently.

A specific need?

Reach out to us through the chat and we will find the solution that best suits your needs

500€ offered in digital vouchers to digitalize the appointment process

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500€ offered in digital check